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Posted on 08-24-2017

Microchipping in San Jose

Our vet at Alum Rock Animal Hospital provides pet microchipping services. Learn how many pets return home without a microchip vs. with one, and what to expect with microchipping to decide if it's right for your pet. 


What is Microchipping? 

A microchip is a tiny implantable device, roughly the size of a grain of rice. Every microchip contains a unique identification number which is readable via handheld scanner. The microchip numbers correspond to owner contact information, so lost pets who have microchips can be reunited with their owners. 

Animal shelters have these scanners, so they can scan pets who are turned in for a microchip, then return them to their rightful owners. 

Benefits of Pet Microchipping 

A microchip is a permanent identification chip that remains with your pet for their life, unlike an ID tag that can fade or fall off. Compared with other permanent identification methods, such as tattooing, microchips are less painful. 

If you want the strongest odds of getting a lost or missing pet, get pet microchips in San Jose. Pets who have microchips are reunited with owners roughly 75 percent of the time, while pets without these chips are reunited with owners just 13 percent of the time. 

How Our San Jose Vet Inserts Microchips 

The process of microchipping your pet is similar to getting a shot. On dogs and cats, microchips are inserted parallel to the length of the spine rather than perpendicular. 

While there is some inflammation associated with microchipping, it goes away within days. Fibrous scar tissue forms at the insertion site, so the microchip remains where it was inserted and does not migrate. 

While microchipping can be dangerous if the chip is improperly inserted, for instance if the chip is inserted into the spinal column, our veterinarians are trained to do this safely. 

Get Pet Microchips in San Jose

Are you ready to get pet microchips in San Jose? Reserve your appointment on our website or call our San Jose veterinary clinic at 408-258-2735. If you are new to our animal hospital, you can save 25 percent on your first visit! 

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