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Posted on 06-12-2017

Pet Vaccinations From Our Veterinarian in San Jose

At Alum Rock Animal Hospital, our veterinarian in San Jose offers a variety of services to protect your pet's health and wellness. One of the many preventative wellness services we provide is that of pet vaccinations, which can help to protect your pet from contracting certain diseases, viruses, and illnesses. 

pet vaccine

Why is it Important to Vaccinate Your Pet?

Vaccinating your pet is so important for a number of reasons. For starters, vaccinations are the best way to keep your pet protected against known illnesses that can be extremely detrimental to your pet's health or even fatal, such as rabies. And because many illnesses can be transmitted from pets to humans, having your pet vaccinated also helps to protect you and your loved ones.

Furthermore, many pet boarding facilities, pet groomers, and even dog parks will require you to provide proof that your pet is up-to-date on all required vaccinations before your pet will be allowed in the facilities. Some vaccinations, such as the rabies vaccine, are even required by state laws.

Recommended Pet Vaccinations

Not sure which pet vaccinations your dog or cat needs? Our team can help. Simply bring in your pet's most recent veterinary paperwork and we can determine the necessary vaccination schedule for your dog or cat. 

Generally speaking, however, the core vaccines you can expect your cat to need to include:

  • rabies (once every 1-3 years)
  • feline calcivirus
  • distemper
  • feline herpesvirus

If you have a dog, then some or the most common core vaccines that your vet may recommend to you include:

  • rabies (once every 1-3 years)
  • lepto
  • canine distemper
  • parvovirus
  • parainfluenza

Specific vaccine recommendations can also vary based on your pet's risk factors, current health, and lifestyle. Our veterinary team will carefully evaluate your pet before making any specific recommendations.

Schedule an Appointment With Our Animal Hospital in San Jose

If your pet is due for vaccinations, then we encourage you to turn to our animal hospital in San Jose to have them administered by our experienced team. You can reach Alum Rock Animal Hospital by calling (408) 258-2735. We'd be happy to set up an appointment for your beloved pet!

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