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Posted on 11-20-2017

Foods Your Dog Can Eat

         woman with dog

Always avoid giving your dog any human foods known to be toxic or harmful to pets. This includes avocados, macadamia nuts, garlic, onions, grapes, raisins, chocolate, and anything containing a sugar alcohol called xylitol. Also, remember to assess your animal carefully when giving them foods containing corn, wheat, and soy, as these often lead to intolerances or allergic responses in dogs. 

Our San Jose veterinarian team cautions against giving in too often (excessive treats can disrupt an animal's normal eating habits, lead to unwanted weight gain, and even reward undesirable begging behaviors), we do recognize that sharing your food with your beloved pet can be enjoyable for both of you. 

10 Foods Your Dog Can Eat 

Most dogs seem to enjoy the taste of the following foods, many of which are nutrient-rich and can even be healthy for your animal:

  1. Berries: strawberries, blackberries, blueberries, raspberries
  2. Apple slices: but never the core or seeds, especially because the latter contain trace amounts of the poisonous compound cyanide
  3. Watermelons: again, avoid the seeds
  4. Peanut butter: look for brands that are free of additives like palm oil, sugar, and high fructose corn syrup
  5. Carrots: good for your dog's teeth and low in calories, so not easy to overfeed him on
  6. Bananas: full of healthy phytonutrients and easy for pooches with sensitive teeth
  7. Cheese: like humans, however, some dogs are lactose intolerant, plus it can be easy to give too much, so just be wary of the amount you offer
  8. Cashews: like cheese, these are high in fat, so be careful to avoid overfeeding
  9. Cooked chicken: no bones, please! Your dog will love the meat, however, as it's a great source of animal protein (other canine faves include salmon, turkey, and cooked eggs)
  10. Quinoa: unsalted quinoa (actually found in some dog foods) is a better source of carbs compared to soy or corn

A general rule of thumb? When giving your dog a new food for the first time, start slow. You need to monitor for signs of intolerance, like gastrointestinal upset. Also, if you're making any changes to your pooch's food, consider chatting with a San Jose vet first.

Experience The Difference in Care with Our San Jose Veterinarian Team

Did your dog eat something it shouldn't have? If you're concerned about her health, call Alum Rock Animal Hospital at 408-258-2735. Our San Jose veterinarian team offers comprehensive emergency services, as well as routine wellness, surgical, and dental care. To schedule an appointment or for help with an urgent issue, contact us now.

When you call, be sure to ask about our new client special: 25% off your first visit!

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